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The Games youtube

Game features so far -
Right now the punch is the characters main attack, use it to break loot jars and kill enemies.
Spawn Enemies
Right click to spawn in new enemies, this is of course just for the early build and will not be in the full game
Cereal Points
Right now the cereal points you collect do nothing, but in the future of the game we will have your points be spent from flying, this will help keep it fair
(No points no flight)
Ball mode
right now does nothing but in the future will be a faster way of getting around once unlocked - Enter ball mode with B

Glide Mode
Press F to open your arms and glide over far distances, this will be another unlockable ability to help the player proceed in the game

A game I was working on Originally on my own but now have a team of 4 working on, I will use this site as well as my youtube channel to show daily updates on the game.
Be sure to check out the channel if you are interested.
Videos of the game can be found all over the internet, mostly in Portuguese but it can still show you what the game is like.

Feedback on the game would be greatly appreciated, if you make a video do make sure to let me know so I can check it out!!